• Consulting and Project Management

    A wide range of experience across many industries, Banking, Telecommunications, Insurance, Retail, Utilities, Health Care and Information Technology.

    We are in a position not only offer advice on your as-is situation but also your to-be situation, and be able to actually assist you to get where you want to be.

  • Professional Contractors on demand

    Once you have decided to undertake a project, you will want to be certain you have the right people to deliver the outcomes you expect.

    Having the ability to stand up a team with proven delivery capability without impacting your permanent staff is imperative to a successful project.

Strategy & Consulting

Often the key people are so busy running the business, they do not have time to look into, or ahead of the business to see how things can be improved. By having access to short term, external people who can facilitate and offer practical advice, this can often be the one thing needed to kick start the business towards the next level.

Project/Programme Management

Project management is not something that can be learned from books. It takes experience and time to understand the processes of building and nurturing teams, knowing when to intervene to improve outcomes and how to work with the business in a proactive, positive manner to ensure the best outcomes for all concerned.

Virtual Team

To ensure things get up and running in the fastest possible time it is important that the team with the proven skills and capabilities are brought in to help. None more so than when you have a project that is in trouble and the business needs to correct things in the fastest possible time at the least cost.

NIDUS Consulting has been proud to help in various ways with the following companies.

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